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Journey Beyond the Himalayas

Journey Beyond the Himalayas is an exploration of the fathomless beauty of the culture and life style of Mustang where a journalist and an artist are in quest of achieving varied aspects of this place ranging from the political history to the cultural transformation. As there lurks a primitive jungle under every ultra modern society, Mustang is a real testimony, in reverse, for those who assume that life in modern world thrives with physical facilities alone. The people of Mustang are living with their century long tradition and culture with happiness and pride despite innumerable challenges in daily life.This documentary exhibits that Mustang is beautiful, gorgeous, mysterious, and stunning. No doubt. But at the same time, the struggle of the residents of Mustang is beyond description. Difficult geography, lack of necessary food and water and the risk they have to bear for the survival are some of the crucial points which lead us to ponder that life in Mustang is beautiful for the visitors but challenging for those who have to survive.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTTC) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) have supportered for the production of documentary.

Crew Members

Director Advisory Director Executive Producer Editor Camera Script Narration
Prabesh Subedi Manoj Gajurel Nabaraj Dhamala man Bahadur Thapa Nabaraj Dahal Pushpa Raj Poudel Seth Ostrowski

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