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Secrets of Dhaulagiri

Secrets of Dhaulagiri is an exploration of the high Himalayan life obscured with innumerable ups and downs. Hundreds of thousands of lives are filled with struggle, tragedies, believes and hopes on the lap of Dhaulagiri Himal (26795 ft). The documentary is intertwined in this periphery.
The festival of extracting the blood of the living yak in order to drink with the belief that many diseases are cured is observed twice a year.

The weeklong carnival has been an opportunity to exchange the distress and delight cherished and the dreams treasured.

Crew Members

Director/Producer Editor Camera Music Subtitles-English Subtitles-French Colorist
Prabesh Subedi Man Bahadur Thapa
Chandan Datta
Ramesh Dhamala Samrat Thapa Pushpa Raj Poudel
Bikash Khanal
Julie Alacoque Kapil Parajuli

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